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The radarr native integration allows you to add your radarr instances that are available publicly on the internet to your listrr account. The added radarr instances can be used to add your lists automatically via the Custom Lists feature available in radarr.

This feature makes it easier for users with many lists to automatically add them to their instances without manually adding each list one by one.

How to add a list

  • Go to your lists and click the button with the radarr icon next to the list you want to add to your Radarr instance. The URL will be copied to your clipboard. - Copy radarr import url

  • Open your Radarr instance web interface and go to Settings -> Lists and click the +.

Radarr lists settings

  • Scroll down to the bottom for Advanced List and select Custom Lists.

Radarr lists settings - Add lists

  • Give your list a name you like, and paste the URL you copied earlier in the List URL textbox. Hit Save.

Radarr lists settings - Add lists - Custom List

  • You successfully added your list to your Radarr instance! 🚀