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External lists

What are external lists ?

These lists are prefiltered, and come from external sources like IMDb, TMDb, Trakt or other metadata providers. Some of these lists are even genrated by They are updated regularly, so they always contain the latest content from their source. Some of these lists are completely dynamic.

Include external lists

All the lists selected will be used for further filtering. So the filters you apply, ONLY apply to the content that is present in these lists.

Exclude external lists

The items in these lists will be excluded from your list.

What does dynamic mean?

Dynamic means, these lists are valid for the current year/month/week. So the content is always for the current year/month/week, and gets updated accordingly.

Why use dynamic lists?

They are there to make your life a lot easier.

Example 1

You want to create a list that matches the new released movies each month. Without External lists, you would either create a seperate list for each month, or you would create one list, and edit it every month to match the current month.

If you use the This month - New released movies external list, you simply have to create a single list. This list will always match the current months released movies.

Example 2

You want to create a list that matches the IMDB: Top Rated TV Shows and filter only for Gerne - Name = Action.

Without using External lists, this isnt even possbile.