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Update v.2022.10.16.2337 is out now

You can now see what is going on with your list!

🚀 New features

  • Users can now see the content of their list
  • Users can remove items permanently from a list by clicking the x
  • Users can remove a created exclusion by editing their list

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the generated query was generated with a false statement. Mainly this was caused by using filter groups. The problem is solved, and all lists have been updated accordingly.
  • Fixed a bug where huge lists can fail to get created because of the underlying caching logic. This has been resolved in a way that also brought a performance boost for list creation.
  • A few small not noteworthy bugs were fixed 😉

🗒 Notes

  • The Add to favorite function when viewing a list is not implemented. It still has to be determined how that feature should get implemented.

🤯 Known issues

None, so far atleast... ✔