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V2 is finally happening! 🚀

Big thanks to the people who donated, and continue to do so ❤ !

You heard it right!

I promised v2. Finally, I will be able to deliver! If you are not interested to read all that text, find out about the new features here. v2 has been in the works the last few months, and I have come to a point where I can announce it officially with confidence. A lot has happend over the last year, and I haven´t had any time to work on v2. It´s been a hectic year. Not all things have settled yet, but I currently had some time to do the work.

All the new features

New v2 UI

A FUCKTON of new filters

There will be a lot more filters available with v2. Finally ... Streaming providers for both, movies and shows.

But wait, there is more! For a complete list of all new filters, check here!

AND & OR operators currently has the problem, that the user is locked when it comes to the way filters are linked to each other. The user is not able to choose if a filter should be linked by AND or OR operator.

Grouping of filters

Grouping of filters, is also a functionality that is not available in the current version of Grouping in combination with AND or OR operators allows users to have more fine grained control over their filters.

Multiple use of filters

Using the same property to filter multiple times, but with different values to filter gives the user more control over the result. For example you can now search for a single year, multiple years, a single span of years, or multiple spans of years.

Thats not enough for you? We got you covered! You can also search for a single year, multiple years, a single span of years, and a multiple spans of years all together!

More planned changes for the future

  • Implementing a basic API for things like #133
  • Integrating Patreon as donation platform
  • Implementing notifications (Discord, Telegram, $Messenger)
  • Integrating a discord bot to automatically elevate donors to their specific roles
  • Adding the ability to generate a list specific link to utilize the "Custom List" feature of radarr
  • Adding the "Custom List" feature from radarr to sonarr to be able to import lists directly from into sonarr/radarr
  • Adding the ability for users to directly fork a list inside listrr #78
  • Adding the ability for users to directly filter a list inside listrr #80

Whats new? TL;DR

  • Independently link filters with AND or OR
  • Group your filters and combine groups
  • A FUCKTON of new filters for movies and shows